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Looking at the food labels found on most pre-packaged foods can help you make healthy choices.

Try to get in the habit of reading pack labels and comparing brands before you buy.

All food manufacturers must use a standard label on the front of food packaging.

The traffic-light colours (red, amber and green) quickly show you levels of sugar, fat and salt in food.

These foods give you energy and a range of nutrients.

Try to eat wholegrain versions such as brown rice, wholegrain bread or pasta.

Eating well means you’re more likely to feel healthier, stay active for longer and protect yourself against illness.

It’s never too late to start eating healthily, and a healthy diet doesn’t have to be boring or expensive.

You don’t need to eat meat every day – try well-cooked eggs, beans, lentils or meat substitutes such as Quorn or tofu instead.

Because they tend to live more in the moment (and because they have so many offers), women are not going to do anything that they don't immediately want to do.

If you have to justify or sell, you've already lost. If they feign that they are deciding whether to spend time with you conditional on your plan, they see you as a low-value sucker whose time and wallet they can rape with impunity.

Even if it seems fine, using it after the ‘use by’ date could make you ill. ‘Best before’ dates tell you about the quality of the food, rather than its safety.

They are often found on foods packaged in cans or jars, or on dried food.

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Other fats, such as omega 3s can protect against heart disease.

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