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The styling of Florida Room resembles that of a piano lounge leaving the reveler feeling like he or she is the 50s.Because the club is housed inside the Delano Hotel, it means that you can party at any time of day and night.Some of these celebrities include among others, Mary Kate Olsen and Marilyn Manson meaning the club attracts the high and mighty in the entertainment industry and the corporate world.As mentioned earlier, Lenny Kravitz owned a club known as Kos that closed down some years back.

Sometimes, Brendan O’Hara the popular piano player plays at the club adding to the club’s uniqueness.The club also contained a very plush and attractive room known as the Kitty Box where the Very Important People that included celebrities like Bruce Willis, Steven Tyler, and a host of other major personalities met.Notably, Kos club always hired presentable members of staff due to the high profiles of the expected guests.Unlike other local nightclubs, the Florida Room in particular offers some of the best drinks in the South Beach and the standards stay high due to the expected number of top business people known to frequent the club.The Florida club and bar offers the best environment to spend the time at any time of day since the Delano Hotel close to the club provides all the services that the nightclub may not offer such as different cuisines and selected meals.

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The only downside about Kos traces to the fact that due to the celebrities that always frequented the club, the club often used restricted access policies that turned away the local guests from the venue in order to maintain the social class that the management wanted to uphold in the club environment.