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All of the Honeywell video cameras feature Wi Fi and can connect wirelessly to a router that has Wi FI Protected Setup (WPS) and a one touch encryption button.

Follow the steps below: For configuring both the default certificate authentication binding or alternate client TLS binding mode on the WAP we can use the Set-Web Application Proxy Ssl Certificate cmdlet.

The Honeywell WAP-PLUS is a wireless access point designed specifically for the Honeywell IPCAM Series IP security cameras.

In this mode, use the powershell cmdlet Set-Adfs Alternate Tls Client Binding to manage the SSL certificate.

This will manage not only the alternative client TLS binding but all other bindings on which AD FS sets the SSL certificate as well.

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AD FS by default performs device certificate authentication on port 443 and user certificate authentication on port 49443 (or a configurable port that is not 443).

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