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Continued on page 1 1 The Catalyst/Page 2 NEWS Friday, September 14, K Fnc Plethora of first-vear students R Lounges used to relieve crowding u.. "We are not really over- crowded," said Dana Wilson, Director of Residential Life.

There are currently 19 vacan- cies in dorms on about 12 in fraternities," she said.

Although nobody demonstrating financial need was turned down, about a dozen students received less aid then they might have, according to the Office of Financial Aid.

"We would like the lounge occupants moved out by the end of the block.

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If I 1 Volume 28 , Number 1 The Catalyst The Colorado College September 14, 1990 fhe Middle East: In Deep By Mike Siddoway The Catalyst Some reflections on the Iraq thing.

I awoke one morning in late August to hear Secretary f Defense Cheney exclaim woodenly over the radio that we were "in country," and with a calm that would chill a robot, that we would meet any Iraqi incursion into Saudi Arabia with "deadly force." I first heard the phrase "in country" when I was 11 or 12 years old watching the Viet-nam war was on TV. .ass^MB by V The by Justin Blum The Catalyst Twenty-nine students living in temporary lounge space, due to an unusually large number of first year students accepted from this year's admissions waiting list, were moved into permanent housing beginning Tuesday, campus officials announced this week.

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