Updating old bathroom mirrors

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Updating old bathroom mirrors

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We’ve been sleeping here for a month now and it’s beginning to feel more and more like home.

Of course, we still have a long list of punch list items that we’re slowly chipping away at.

Possibly with a few temper tantrums and curse words interspersed here and there. And, as you can tell from today’s photos, we’re still not quite done.

We WILL be moved in by the end of November, though, because otherwise we’ll be homeless when our condo lease expires. You are definitely not the same house you were a year ago.

If those subs even think about scratching the newly finished floors, they will have some explaining to do to this hot-tempered, patience-drained, very pregnant mama! If you’ve been playing along since the beginning, you may know that we’re currently on week 29 of construction.

And then here we are today….forced smiles and just SO. I happen to be 28 weeks pregnant, which means I’m officially making a human being faster than this house is being remodeled!

We are finally moved in, though, and it feels pretty amazing!Long story short, the original flooring installer we had lined up flaked out at the last minute so we had to scramble to line up another subcontractor.The new guys saved the day and did a great job for us!I invite you to come in out of the snow, sip some hot chocolate and enjoy the tour…. Maybe we’ll actually have barstools by then and can offer you a place to sit down!There was a lot of behind the scenes drama to get us to this point!

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But I’ve learned that a house is never truly “done”, it’s an ongoing work in progress.

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