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I had major problems with the map update, it would not register on any of my computers. Within a minute it recognized my drive and showed what installs to run. I also bought a Magellan Car Recorder (2 of them)... I will NEVER buy another Magellan product ever again. I don't understand how it is so hard to just answer a simple question.I contacted the support team, which totally gave me the runaround. On my two Magellans downloads were successful (although I did have to add a micro SD Card to the RV one). I will never purchase anything from Magellan again. I bought the Magellan Road Mate 7771T-LMB and tried to complete the setup by registering the unit as stated in the documentation and got an error stating “Unknown error try again later”. It also showed there were map updates available but couldn’t do the update because it was not registered. I email them as stated and got a reply the next day stating there were others with the same issue and was sending the issue to headquarters. So I returned the Magellan to the store and bought a Garmin GPS.Any phone numbers they gave me advised to contact then per e-mail, which I have over 20 e-mails with no result. Check Task Manager to see that mgn Content Manager is running. I wasn’t sure what size to buy, because some hardware is really picky about what size GB you can use. My digital camcorder stays connected using the same cable, same ports, for 6 hours to transfer 128GB of data yet this thing can't even stay connected to update a map. At this point I tried to call support as stated in the manual and the support call recording stated go to their website and email them for support then hung up on me. This is the WORST support/customer service I have ever received for any product and I thought Microsoft was bad but Magellan takes the cake…Then in this last March 2018 they advised me to return the unit which I did and they had received the unit in 2 days. (Under Processes shows up as Smart GPS Eco (32 bit). I chose a San Disk 16 Gb because I assumed that 16 Gb was a common size in 2012 when the machine was new and San Disk was not an off brand. Please do not but any Magellan product as if you have issues you are on your own. It was delivered timely but was also defective upon receipt 11/2.If you go with Magellan, figure that the lifetime of your device will not be based on how long it works; but how long it takes for a newer model to supersede it.

Once a GPS device is no longer offered for sale, it's like it never existed if you visit the Magellan site, or call support.

Now the maps aren’t there and it is a useless ornament on an ambulance dashboard. The only response I received was a request for more information. I cannot find a customer support phone number that works. Once completed, open the C:\Magellan (or other) directory. It no longer recognizes the Road Mate-5045-LTM and I suspect other legacy products. Twice I had to send them the proof of delivery receipt from Fed Ex that it was delivered to them 11/7.

I replied to the email with a follow up on their website. This is a useless company who will never get another dime of my money. How to get your old Magellan GPS to be recognized by Smart GPS Eco website By Walt ** (Magellan ought to give me a few new GPS for figuring this out for all their customers). Calling the help center directed me to an India site that tells you your drivers are defective and for a price of for a three year contract, they will correct the drivers and set up a new universal GPS map download program that works. They said they needed to fix my drivers in my laptop for a certain price. I finally received a new unit after another week but no shipping fee reimbursement. These people constantly give you the runaround and don't honor their warranties. I recently attempted to upgrade two of my devices using Smart GPS Eco (like many others on here), after the usual email chase I got nowhere with Magellan other than circles. phone number, they hide behind a computer generated email message.

In the end, we were told that Magellan does not provide help to customers 12 months after the purchase date. Their support number is disconnected, they do not answer emails to support, they do not monitor their social media. There are a lot of better choices in my opinion that hold a lot less risk. When I went into the Magellan site to update my maps I was told that I would have to pay for the map update.

I submitted a ticket to Magellan support and was told that my device did not come with lifetime updates and was told to sent a picture of the box (which I had thrown out) or some proof that it came with lifetime updates.

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I own a Roadmate RV9365T-LMB and a Roadmate 2230T-LM. Of course, the USB driver is working just fine and Smart GPS Eco program sees the GPS but just doesn't recognize it. I needed to fix them so they could download the map updates then they said they needed another certain amount of money to send me the CD so I can put it in my laptop and download it into my Road Mate 1700. It is now March 2018 and after no fewer than a dozen attempts through calls and emails I still have not been reimbursed for the shipping charges. I tried every browser and platform except Opera and as a last resort it worked and allowed me to upgrade the units. No possible way to get a map update - immediate response telling you to try again in 48 hours which is worthless, nothing changes. I ask myself "what is happening to customer service today" but Magellan is leading the way to piss poor customer service. I have owned a Magellan Roadmate for several years now.

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