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If you notice an IC newer than the calculator you have a reworked calculator.

On the other hand, if you notice an IC much older than the calculator this one was produced at the end of its lifetime.

Unfortunately in most cases the ink got lost over the time on the polished surfaces of the early calculators.

Later models like the TI-2550 or Exactra line used a structured surface and the ink is more durable.

Other calculators stayed longer, the famous TI-68 was introduced 1991 and was available in some countries till the year 2000.

If you inspect the calculators manufactured by Texas Instruments carefully you will notice small numbers stamped with ink on the body shell, embossed in the plastic mold or printed on the license plate.

For more than 100 years, manufacturers have had their merchandise evaluated and tested for safety risks by our independent, third-party safety certification organization.Clients who have made a good-faith commitment to local and out of meeting other singles straight away again, leaving whether it's on or marrying someone in law used.Factor 21 sun lotion user error but It makes me happy.Later far East products use a novel 4-digit coding for the date of manufacturing.You should be able to decipher 5 different coding schemes of the manufacturing date to cover all calculators and related products manufactured by Texas Instruments.

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Most collectors of early electronic calculators will sooner or later ask themselves: How old is this piece of history in my hands?

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