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U p dating

If you are upgrading from a non-Omnibus installation to an Omnibus installation, check this guide.Updating to major versions might need some manual intervention.To update to a newer Git Lab version, all you have to do is: To upgrade an existing Git Lab Community Edition (CE) server, installed using the Omnibus packages, to Git Lab Enterprise Edition (EE), all you have to do is install the EE package on top of CE.While upgrading from the same version of CE to EE is not explicitly necessary, and any standard upgrade jump (i.e.You can also download free voice control and Gracenote (music database) updates.

My wife’s 2018 BMW 330i x Drive Sports Wagon was built in July of 2017 and shipped from the factory with map database ‘2017-1’ (the first of four updates in 2017).Owners can also have their map database updated at Volvo dealerships during no-charge software updates (though some dealers may charge for the labor for the map update).Overall, it’s clear Volvo has the best arrangement when it comes to updating factory map databases.Sure, companies like BMW offer free over-the-air (OTA) updates but, based upon my experience, the updates come far too slowly.Yes, there are ways to integrate your smartphone into a car—Apple Car Play and Android Auto—but most of these systems aren’t yet as good or fully cohesive compared to a factory setup.

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For more info, check the version your are updating to: From version 10.8 onwards, upgrade paths are enforced for version upgrades by default.

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