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Tarmers dating

Later, at the deck in South Shinjuku, she continues the coverage, but is interrupted by an explosion. Uchiharato is a middle-aged man with lightly tanned skin, chin-length gray hair, and black eyes.He wears gray glasses, a white shirt, a brown tie, and a gray sweater.Takato, Henry and Terriermon soon arrived on the scene, and used Hyper Wing and Speed Modify Cards to improve their chances.As Vilemon powered up another Demon Dart, Takato struggled to pick a new card – but then, Rika and Renamon appeared, and Vilemon turned on them.Later he meets Impmon (Tamers) while the latter is trying to figure out a message sent by Ai and Mako, Chou tells him the message and gives him advice.-- is a reporter.

The Digital Field his presence created directly pursued Terriermon and Henry, before trapping them in a construction site, and then Gorillamon himself materialised, to face them, along with Takato and Guilmon, in battle, seeking revenge for his defeat.

Reporting from the east side of the Shinjuku Train Station, she informs the audience that the red mass is continuing to grow, having pushed back the military forces and covered half the tracks in the station.

She also comments about the heat around the red mass.

Vilemon Bio-Emerged into the real world on the soccer field of Takato’s school, where Guilmon and Calumon had been designing their own game.

Vilemon proved to them that he was tougher than his small size made them believe, sending them running with his attacks.

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