Stanley hand plane dating

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They are plentiful, low cost and can be made into a magnificent tool with a little time and effort.These planes are well documented, it is easy to find the age and changes made thru their production history at sites like Patricks Blood & Gore and Hyperkitten has an excellent plane dating flowchart on his website if you are curious about a Stanley plane you have.Look over the frog for cracks as well, especially the area around where the lateral adjustment lever mounts and the depth adjustment fork pin.If the plane passes inspection, reassemble, tighten down the frog and handles, put the blade and lever cap on and back the iron all the way up.

The standards of manufacturing have declined steadily since the 70’s, but the worst aspect of new ones is the low-grade plastic handles that constantly crack, break and need replacement.Here again if you find a crack you will probably want to round up another to restore.I would not spend the time and effort involved to fix up cracked plane.The other is a number 10 carriage makers rabbet plane that I came from Ed tools-O-rama above the Woodrights School.The first thing I usually do is take the plane completely apart.

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