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The Indianapolis 500 rookie of the year award has been sponsored by the following companies: This award is separate from the annual rookie of the year award presented by Indy Car, as well as the Jim Trueman Award (rookie of the year) which was handed out by CART. The term "rookie" (or newcomer) at the Indianapolis 500 can at times be misleading.

According to race rules, a rookie is defined as any driver who has never qualified for the race and/or has never been on the track during the pace lap, and officially credited with a start.

None of the three were running when the race was called at 133 laps; Allison completed only 1 lap, and Jerry Karl completed only 22 laps.

The voting takes place the night of the race (or the morning after), and does not necessarily go to the highest-finishing rookie.Other contributing attributes can include personal attitude, sportsmanship, professionalism, and interaction with driver coaches, fans, and media.Years in which two drivers are listed indicate co-winners, due to a tie in the final voting.Several unique situations have created confusion, among the many include: The term "rookie" can also confuse spectators, as it suggests a young, inexperienced competitor.In reality, it can be a mis-nomer, since several experienced champions of other forms of motorsports have come to Indy and been ruled a rookie because of their first start in the 500 only.

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Formula One and NASCAR Sprint Cup champions were still scored as "rookies" in their first starts.

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