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It was Daphne's idea and it wasn't until we got on the plane that she revealed her plans. It goes without saying that I was mortified, but the sense of freedom of going to seaside without my parents was intoxicating and I went along.We were going to one of the nudist camps that Croatia was famous for back in the day and where there are still great nudist camps. I had no idea that Daphne was into this and as it turned out she wasn't. We made it to the camp late in the evening and we went to sleep straight away.I managed to hold back, at least until we got back to our room. Disclaimer: All models were at least 18 years old when they were photographed.

I was so scared that everyone will be looking at me that I almost fainted. Everyone was going about their own business and we put our towels down to sunbathe.

This was the first time I went abroad without them and I went with Daphne.

We went to Croatia, a small country in the Mediterranean where it still feels like it is not spoiled by mass tourism.

The next morning, we were woken by the scorching summer light and by beautiful smells of the Mediterranean.

We decided to be somewhat less adventurous when we went to the reception and they told us that they have their own beach.

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When I lay down, I discovered the first reason why nudists do it.