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And why not (besides the mildly inconvenient fact of those two being married to each other)? Now I’ve been living in Los Angeles for some years, and for better or for worse have gone out with enough actresses to know what it’s like.

Actors are famous, influential, loved by all, make oodles of money and look good on your arm. So if you're seeking a fulfilling relationship, here I present to you why dating an actor is a Bad Idea.

For film and TV actors, the reward of their work – applause or good reviews – comes weeks to months after the work is complete.

So their neural reward circuit never really gets lit up, and at a deep level, they never feel truly gratified, even when they do their best work.

So you’re the one thinking she’s a piece of heavenly perfection, but she’s convinced she’s turning into Quasimodo.

Eventually, you’ll get tired of your compliments going nowhere, she will think you a fraud (see #4) and things unravel from there.

But there are a few jobs out there whose job reviews comes out in public – in a newspaper article or worse, on a magazine cover.

Tabloids go further and include the actor’s life, too – it’s all fair game.

There are a few dozen household names; the rest are mostly struggling.So you’re stuck with someone whose life work is incapable of making her truly happy, and there’s not much you can do about that. If you were to summarize all the thinking of the ages about happiness and living the good life, it may come down to this: if you can generate your own good feelings from within, you win.If you like her, that’s bound to affect you as well. If you depend on the outside world to generate good feelings for you, you lose.If companionship is an essential part of your fulfillment in a relationship, then you’re not going to be fulfilled. They are constantly exposed to rejection, hurting their self-esteem.I once accompanied a girlfriend to an audition for a commercial, just to see how the other half lives.

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As my friend the author and producer Adam Gilad pointed out, “The Oracle of Delphi’s gate inscription didn’t say ‘Express thyself’ – it said ‘Know thyself.’” There’s a big difference between the two. They inhabit a perceived state of permanent decline I’ll never forget when my friend Anna told me on her 24 old.” Forget that Anna is accident-causingly beautiful.

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