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Roaming profiles not updating server

I’m not going to debate which is better or worse, nor am I going to tell you how to roam the start menu so a user’s customizations follow them from PC to PC.I am going to tell you how to make the Start Menu (mandatory or not) and Roaming User Profiles play nice together.You will find even more possible causes if you google for that problem.A typical cause is a filename in the user profile which is longer than 260 characters.This happened regardless of mandatory profiles or not. However, if you install it, it does not fix the issue. If you have been around for a while, and have used roaming profiles for quite some time, you already know how to set up roaming profiles.There really is no reason to recheck the documentation to see if anything has changed, right?

Are you still using Roaming User Profiles in your environment? Roaming profiles have been around for a long time, and many organizations have decided to stick with them even though more modern technologies such as UE-V with Folder Redirection or Enterprise State Roaming have been created.If the item is there, proceed; if not, there's a write problem.Check write permissions on the profiles share and folder, bandwidth and timeout settings, and policy settings involving profiles on the specific machine(s).I personally like the GPO option because it allows me to centrally control it, but, it is up to you how you want to deploy it.Try the following diagnostic: 1) (roaming) user creates something on her desktop 2) user logs out 3) admin checks profiles share--is item now in share?

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Recently, while deploying Windows 10 1607 to my customer I noticed that most, if not all start menu tiles, would simply disappear.