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Revenue stamp dating

Here on our Genealogist Corner you can see a collection of photos from the 1800's.To identify the date of your specific photograph effectively, you may need to study the history of the items in the photograph.Under ‘The Inland Revenue and Post Office (Powers and Duties) Order, 1914’ responsibility for the manufacture of postage stamps passed to the General Post Office, but some production continued at Somerset House until 1934. Because of the long period of time that it covers, and the extent of the holdings, this Archive is one of the most important sources of information for researchers interested in Great Britain and some Commonwealth countries postal and revenue material.During those 20 years imprimatur sheets of stamps were kept by the Inland Revenue and the Post Office, and earlier material of this type dating from 1840-1914 was passed to the G. It is not surprising, therefore, that the Archive, which is still live, contains many unusual and rare items, several of which are illustrated.We see so many of our clients photos that have known dates, that we have developed a sense for the time period by exposure.We are attempting to guide our clients in their efforts to estimate the dates of their photos, by organizing in one place any information that would help come to a conclusion on a date a photo was taken.The physical properties a photograph is made of, is another subject to learn.The photo could be mounted on stiff or thin decorated cardboard, paper, copper or glass.

We give credits where it's due by links to resources.The Stamping Department thus undertook the production of revenue and fee stamps until 1934 when responsibility for this work was transferred to the Stationery Office.Secondly, up to 1914 the stamping of legal documents and the production of adhesive postage and revenue stamps had been undertaken by the Board of Inland Revenue ‘in house’, and externally by contractors supervised by the Board’s inspectors. Reference collections of these stamps were however maintained and are virtually complete.Firstly, under the Inland Revenue Act of 1849 the control of revenue stamps was transferred from the Excise Department to the Stamp Department at Somerset House.Subsequently proofs and specimens of stamps from 1710 were also deposited.

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Specifically one that you may have inherited a copy of an ancestor's photograph and the physical attributes are not available, you only have the clothes to go on or just the hairdo.