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Seventy drainage holes were drilled into the crack to relieve pressure before the crack was permanently sealed by an aggregate of cement, volcanic ash and sawdust. Dworshak Dam is a concrete gravity dam with a sloped downstream face and vertical upstream face, standing 717 feet (219 m) high from the foundations, 632 feet (193 m) above the riverbed and measuring 3,287 feet (1,002 m) long along its crest.The top of the dam is 44 feet (13 m) wide at an elevation of 1,613 feet (492 m) above sea level.Although it would have been fitted with a fish ladder, the Lenore dam would have affected steelhead and salmon migration to the entire upper Clearwater River and its tributaries, including the South Fork, Middle Fork, Lochsa and Selway Rivers.In addition, the flooding caused by its 11-mile (18 km)-long reservoir would require the relocation of the Dworshak fish hatchery.Because the Lenore dam on the Clearwater River was never built, Dworshak cannot be used as a peaking power facility.

The power plant generates an average of 1.693 billion KWh each year.) of winter flood-storage space, and dam releases are operated so that water levels reach a maximum of 1,570 feet (480 m) in July.

The annual visitation to Dworshak is estimated at between 110,000 and 140,000 people, mostly during the summer high water months.

Recreational activities include boating, water-skiing, camping, fishing, hiking and hunting; six boat ramps lie adjacent to the reservoir.

The project was authorized on October 23, 1962 as Bruce's Eddy Dam; the name was later changed to honor Senator Henry Dworshak (1894–1962), who was instrumental in gaining congressional approval for the However, proponents of the project held that the construction of a fish hatchery would maintain the river's steelhead runs, and that the construction of the dam would render other dam projects in the Clearwater River basin unnecessary.

While clearing and preparations at the dam site were underway as early as June 1965, actual construction did not begin until early 1966 with the excavation of a 40-foot (12 m) diameter diversion tunnel and the creation of a 110-foot (34 m) high cofferdam to divert the river around the dam site.

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