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I’m not talking about a theological treatise you’ve heard and committed to memory.I’m not talking about a passive-aggressive Scripture citation posted without commentary.I witness their scalding hostility toward Muslims, and wish I could ask them what they believe they’re accomplishing with their condemnation and rhetoric and lazy stereotypes; how they’re reflecting the character of Jesus, how they’re delivering Good News, how they’re loving their Muslim neighbor.I look at the celebrity preachers and small town pastors, incessantly pointing a finger at the world, so willing to dispense damnation, so seemingly giddy to declare someone disqualified for Heaven—and I wonder how they imagine that helps show people what Jesus looks like.One extreme is taking one’s cue from a faith tradition and assuming that every scientist who disagrees with that viewpoint must be perverse.Most scientists I have met are very open to evidence and discovering the flaws in their own thinking.Such adaptations are observable and can be tested and predicted. You cannot teach horticulture without teaching that form of evolution.

” (Not what I expected from her.) What did she mean by that? For starters we need to distinguish between microevolution and macroevolution.

To proclaim otherwise destroys one’s own credibility in speaking to the debate.

The other extreme is to downgrade or mock the validity of Scripture because straightforward readings of Scripture point to a different view of the world than that of traditional science.

I mean, as you walk through this world and rubs up against the specific lives of other people—what do you intend your religion to accomplish there? I ask because whatever it is, I’m concerned it’s getting lost in translation somewhere.

I’m not sure you’re saying what you intend to say with.

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