Quitting drinking dating speed dating in ilkley

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Quitting drinking dating

Many of the meditations include prayer and religious teachings.The newest update gives phone users the ability to share its daily messages by text.Addiction is a complex disease and affects people in different ways.While not a substitute for treatment, these apps can serve as tools for additional positive reinforcement and accountability.

i Phone rating: ★★★★★ Android rating: ★★★★★ Price: Free This app was actually created by someone in recovery to help himself keep on track and motivated.

You get the Big Book of AA at your fingertips, with prayers, promises, and the ability to highlight and share text.

A sobriety calculator keeps track of how many years, months, days, and hours you’ve been sober.

This app keeps track of these victories, including how long you’ve been sober and how much money you’ve saved by not buying alcohol.

It notifies you when you reach new milestones and lets you set times to get daily notifications on your progress.

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