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Persoane cu dizabilitati dating

Admittedly, in Finland registered partnership is comparable to marriage in terms of the legal benefits offered.However, as the Court itself had emphasized on countless occasions when it was occupied to justify its special status, marriage has social and symbolic connotations that cannot easily be dismissed.In this scenario the Court would have to examine whether legislation compelling the applicant to divorce injures the “very substance of the right” to marry in line with its previous jurisprudence.

Either the Court could opt for a narrow interpretation of Article 12 as applying strictly to the foundational act of marriage.In this context, the Court attached weight to the fact that the applicant had the possibility under Finnish law to turn his marriage ex lege into a same-sex registered partnership that offered similar benefits to marriage.The Court summarily rejected the applicants’ additional claims. Finland concerns primarily the applicant’s quest to live according to her self-identified gender identity, with same-sex marriage being an incidental and undesired outcome.In doing so, the Court relied heavily on its judgment in the same-sex marriage case .In that judgment, the Court rejected the applicants’ marriage claim on the basis that Article 12 defined marriage as a union between a man and a woman, and, in addition, allowed States discretion to regulate the issue.

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