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In short, if I were under 35 and single, I'd be fairly happy in Columbus.

But if I were 35, single, and looking for something more meaningful than getting plastered at a bar every friday and saturday night, and I had the option to move elsewhere within the state, I would probably check out Cincinnati or Columbus more mature nighlife scene has taken off and would far surpase Cleveland and Cincinnati.

So I think German Village, Short North, or Bethel Rd/315-Saw Mill rd area is a good place to start this is a good thread, good comments have been posted here, i suggest meeting people doing the things you like to do like if you enjoy going to the gym, be positive and happy and people flock to you, if they have bike or step classes, go to them, if you like to go to church most have group activities there, i don't drink so i can't help with that one, community service people have tons of single positive people that help out, i do that sometimes and have met some great people, i will say this, people like happy, postive and motivated people and if this is you how can you lose, i think you will be just fine. This is a good option for those that want an area with families and singles, but in a neighborhood that is newer (past 30 years) and more suburban in layout.

For people 35 and over, Polaris, Easton and Dublin seem to be the preferred entertainment destinations, if you consider shopping entertainment, that is.

OSU's powerful influence seems to have made Columbus a very youth-oriented city, especially when compared to Cleveland and Cincinnati, which aren't particularly big in terms of local college scenes, but have a lot more plentiful cultural and natural offerings that appeal to all ages for being relative in size to Columbus.

Average arts/culture scene - 20 years from now things will be different, but currently, older cities including Cincinnati, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Indianapolis all have better established museums/arts programs and cultural amenities. Overall, Columbus is a great FAMILY town - an area with good family values, nice suburbs, and good schools.

There's only one city in the entire midwest I've found that actually attracts and caters to single thirty-somethings - Chicago.

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Although it sounds completely absurd, the city is truly defined by and obsessed with all things Ohio State.

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