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Online aunties live webcam

She was so innocent that sometimes she came to my bed to wake me up directly from the bathroom in tightly wrapped wet towel.

Many times, I was just short about to pull her into my bed to fuck her with my strong morning erection, but I could not dare to do it.

We used to meet once or twice every month and I used to consider Radha Bhabhi as my mom.

She was also very emotional with me and called Ram Beta.

My friend’s words took a spell on me and right from that moment I was checking her out.

She was smiling and said, Hello Ram Beta how are you saying that she hugged me tightly.

We are two brothers Murli and I and I was younger and around 18 years old my brother Murli was married to Radha Bhabhi. She was homely but no one would stop staring at her beautiful body.

The day came when I was 18 years old and had to join college in Mumbai and I moved to my brother’s apartment in Mumbai.I used to draw her hair from her cheeks till her neck.I used to watch her cooking over her shoulder watching her sweaty cleavage.Sometimes I used to rest my hands on her shoulders and smelled her neck.It was such a wonderful feeling and slowly my mind moved away from mother sentiment to a sexy hot female.

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I wanted a very strong emotion and reason behind doing it, because the attraction was only from one side. Moreover she used call me Ram beta and all and so how to proceed? My brother did not even have the slightest idea of what was running in my mind as I was waiting for a chance, I got in touch with my friends in Nasik they asked me about Radha bhabhi and how I was enjoying her and I told nothing to them, but inside my mind I wondered how true they were about my Radha Bhabhi. Those motherfuckers went online and ordered Playboy magazines with my name giving our Mumbai address. Radha Bhabhi checked the mails everyday and found out the Playboy magazines and directly reported the matter to my Brother.

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