Norah jones who is she dating

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Norah jones who is she dating

She got interested in music at an early age, closely watching her father play the sitar and was already singing in the church choir by age 5.

Norah took piano and voice lessons to hone her musical skills.

She made her debut into the music industry and stunned the world by sweeping the 8 Grammy awards she was nominated for in 2003, sharing with top stars like Michael Jackson and Carlos Santana, the record for most Grammys won in one year.

Norah has sold more than 50 million records worldwide and has won nine Grammy Awards.

Artistes who make a lasting imprint in the industry and the world are not an everyday sight.

This, in addition to her superb musicianship, has continued to endear her to millions of fans around the world.She was 60th on Billboard magazine’s artists of the 2000–2009 decade chart.Her debut album, was a cocktail of jazz, country music and pop.Their relationship was short-lived, leaving Sue to raise their child whom she sacrificed to give every opportunity including piano lessons alone.Ravi, the godfather of world music was born on April 7, 1920.

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He was married twice in his lifetime; first was to fellow Indian musician Annapurna Devi who he was married to for about 20 years. The sitar maestro and the most renowned Indian contemporary musician died a devoted Hindu, from pneumonia at 92, on December 11, 2012. She saw him sporadically and spent only a fraction of her adolescence around him although she reunited with him when she was 18.

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