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Mystery athor dating

Between juggling dietary restrictions and managing flaring tempers, Natalie’s about ready for a retreat of her own… When the instigator turns up dead next to the co-op and the police start fishing for suspects, Natalie’s dear friend Claudette is the one they haul up.

A psychotic woman becomes dangerously jealous when her best friend begins dating a handsome man.

She will stop at nothing to keep the two apart, even if it means destroying their relationship or even murdering one of them.

A scorned woman plots revenge for her husband's suicide by integrating herself as a housekeeper for a dysfunctional Beverly Hills family to first alienate, and then emotionally and physically destroy them.

Reader reviews are already pouring in, and I am totally relieve… This book was so fun to read and I can’t wait for the next one!

unreservedly recommended for community library collections and the personal reading lists of dedicated mystery buffs. Living and Writing on the Coast of Maine takes you inside a year in their lives with wry humor and insights, as they love each other, Maine, and making a living writing and painting. Unfortunately, your browser doesn't accept cookies, which limits how good an experience we can provide. ” — Amazon Reviewer And if you’re still catching up on the series, it’s a good time to pick up Whale of a Crime; it’s on sale for 99 cents through June 6.Some pages will be familiar, others may be simplified. Contact You can still contact me by email via the Contact page and I shall still read all emails myself, though there may be a delay in answering.We hope you enjoy the site and can find what you want.

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Lila a college student discovers a latent ability to see into the past. See full summary » Look What the Wife Dragged Home Tonight!

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