Mos def beyonce dating dating issues for seniors

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If you've ever wondered what Queen B's love life looked like before she hooked up with her husband Jay Z, you may be surprised when you find out! Carter was dating before he put the ring on Beyonce's finger, so a number of interesting discoveries about the famous couple's past are guaranteed.

Beyonce is showing off a very healthy and CURVY figure - and some people are calling her "fat." The videos that have leaked show Bey and her husband dancing together, singing, and having a GREAT time. Also in case you were curious, here is the setlist from the European leg of the tour, it could change for America: See the full set list below.1. "Baby Boy"/"You Don't Love Me (No, No, No)" - Beyoncé14. To his detractors, West has come to symbolize something nefarious, and the hatred toward him is a systemic issue that has been brewing over the last six years.Let’s not forget what started the Kanye West hate train: it was at the 2009 MTV VMAs that West took the mic from Taylor Swift, who was quickly becoming America’s favorite white girl, to proclaim she didn’t deserve the MTV Video Music Award for Best Female Video over Beyoncé.

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West doesn’t do what he’s "supposed" to do; he isn’t capitulating to the "be quiet and entertain me" social contract most black actors, musicians, and .