Monogamous dating

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Monogamous dating

Start thinking of polyamory as more of an emotional orientation rather than a set of relationship habits.

More on that later.) A monogamist in a relationship with a poly person must come to terms with the following realities: Polyamory is my natural love-style and my lifestyle reflects it.

Metamours will eventually come into the picture and the poly partner will experience NRE, or “new relationship energy,” that intoxicating feeling of infatuation we’re all familiar when a fresh relationship is in its honeymoon phase.

When your partner becomes infatuated with someone else, you won’t be the center of their attention.

Though my partner wasn’t thrilled about non-monogamy from the get-go, he wanted me to live a full life.

Every functional mono/poly couple I’ve met understands that the poly partner’s needs can’t begin and end with one lover.

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We live in a mononormative culture that tells us relationships are only valid when they’re exclusive.

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