Middle school dating too young

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Middle school dating too young

There are a lot of reasons kids are coming out earlier. Coming out can be a great experience, but it can also be one that not everyone is ready for.A lot of these, (like the fact that there is more support for GLBT issues and more awareness of them), are really positive. I just know if I tell them they'll never treat me the same. No one should come out if they think doing so would be unsafe or too emotionally difficult at home or at school!Most everyone knows now because I'm going out with someone but what I’ve noticed is that A LOT of my teachers say absolutely nothing when a kid says “That's so gay.” I have a teacher right now who is pretty cool but a few weeks ago a boy in my class said, ”That's so gay” and she agreed with him saying, “That is so gay.” I’ve often thought about saying something to her before or after class but I never work up enough courage to actually do it. People insisted that I was confused and didn’t know what I was talking about. Plus, suprisingly older and younger people confess their same-sex crushes to me and some have even came out to me. The younger you are, the more clueless people assume you to be.

These days, kids are coming out younger than ever before. I’m only out to my mom and I don’t know what my dad will think. As these testimonies show there are some benefits to coming out in middle school and some drawbacks.

Because of adults and society that can not be possible. So watch your back." - Me I'm in a middle school relationship and we are a very strong couple.

I can't feel bigger feelings because i am too young. We are both really mature for our age and were best friends before we started dating.

Love is love, and if you are lucky enough to have it, cherish it. You never know what the future brings :)i myself am in a middle school relationship but i think not like a child where all we tlk about is i love you and all tht i talk to him about other stuff too and we take things slow :) we have been dating for a month so far and i think i can still focuz with school even with him in my life so i cant exactly say i love him but i can say that i strongly like him quite a bit : D i think about him a lot !

1 comment Favorite Quote:"Yeah, I play like a girl. XD i'm in a middle school relationship and it has been 2 weeks since we stared dating and the first week we held hands .

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