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Mandating videotaping of interrogations

While there are upfront expenses to purchasing and implementing videotaping equipment, there are tremendous long-term cost savings to be reaped.And in New York state, much of these costs would also be offset.As a longstanding advocate for the Central Park Five I will continue to cite this egregious case with respect to this matter, because of the catastrophic system failure that led to their wrongful imprisonment.I fully support legislation carried by Senator Bill Perkins, in the form of Senate Bill 2419—which will make videotaped interrogations the official law of the land in New York State, by requiring the creation of an electronic record of an entire custodial interrogation in felony cases.

In 2011, Jeffrey Deskovic, who was wrongfully convicted for rape and murder in Westchester County, received .5 million from his federal civil-rights lawsuit stemming from his wrongful conviction.You have wisely implemented the Commission on Youth, Public Safety, and Justice to investigate the age of criminal responsibility and its detrimental effects.Furthermore, the Commission has suggested—and you have affirmatively agreed to implement a policy that would expand the use of videotaping custodial interrogations to 16-and 17 year olds in custody for felony offenses.By promoting transparency, accountability, fiscal prudence, and justice, legislation mandating video-recording of interrogations can restore New York law enforcement's reputation as the nation's most effective, trustworthy, and tech-savvy.It's a no-brainer, and our lawmakers should keep that in mind when they return to Albany.

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After nearly a decade of fierce litigation, Mayor Bill de Blasio instructed the city's Law Department to settle.

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