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In the case of Poole Pottery, from its early days to the present the main thing that makes their art pottery distinctive is the use of hand painted decoration.

The earliest pieces of art pottery made by Poole in the period from 1900-1918 had rich lustre glazes with almost a metallic sheen to them.

Lucien Myres was appointed director of Poole and after post-war design council restrictions were lifted in 1954, Poole sought to return to its art-pottery roots.

They began to develop a new and modern look in ceramics and Alfred Read was hired as chief designer.

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They were in production from the 1920s to the 1960s.

These were very popular and became a hall-mark of Poole Pottery – what has become known as their Traditional Wares.Wares from all periods of Poole’s history are highly collectable with prices ranging from a few pounds to several thousand.The Carter Stabler Adams mark shown above is the earliest form of Poole pottery mark.Made in large volumes it is very common and generally very cheap to buy.Indeed, in addition to new, still-in-production decorative items, most of the Poole items that you will see for sale on e Bay and in auction houses are tablewares of little value.

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They produce decorative and ornamental art pottery that has become very collectible. and started out by making architectural ceramics incuding tiles and ornamental ceramics used in the building industry.