Is shamar moore dating

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Is shamar moore dating

There is always a bit of curiosity to who Shemar Moore is dating now, due in part to the women he used to date.

He was with a number of very beautiful and talented women in Hollywood over the years.

Before she could mutter a word, Shemar turned up the heat by licking Phaedra's neck and kissing her face. When Andy asked if she would date Shemar, Phaedra coyly said, "We'll see…"And while this pair has remained quiet in recent months, Phaedra couldn't help but celebrate Shemar's latest project premiering today."The look on #bae face when you tell him tonight is your night," she wrote on Instagram with a picture of the twosome getting close.

At any rate, we’ll definitely keep an eye on Shemar Moore and his love life. marked their first and last encounter."This thing, it's crazy to me, I just woke up, like last week and everybody's like, 'Phaedra, Phaedra, Phaedra,'" he said."And look, I met Phaedra doing a nighttime talk show with Andy Cohen and Andy Cohen does this thing late at night and he likes to get you to drink.Adding a little fuel to the fire are recent reports that Moore got cozy with reality TV star, Phaedra Parks during an interview, but the rumors seem to have come to nothing.Moore left where he is not only the star, he is one of the show’s producers!

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As for Phaedra, she's keeping fans guessing with her relationship status even though one man appears to always be nearby.