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Intimidating wikipedia

Warning: Video's music track not suitable for children.Mike Singletary played for the Chicago Bears from 1981-92, playing in 172 games while being the leader of the team's defense and averaging 161 tackles per season.He could dunk, he could block, he could dribble and he could rebound.Now all he can do is play golf and make fun of everyone not named Charles Barkley.The offenses related to public provocation to commit a terrorist offence act comprise, inter alia, the glorification and justification of terrorism or the dissemination of messages or images including those related to the victims of terrorism as a way to gain publicity for the terrorists cause or seriously Przestępstwa związane z publicznym nawoływaniem do popełniania aktów będących przestępstwem terrorystycznym obejmują gloryfikację i usprawiedliwianie terroryzmu lub rozpowszechnianie wiadomości lub obrazów, w tym tych dotyczących ofiar terroryzmu, jako sposób zdobywania posłuchu dla idei terrorystycznych lub poważnego zastraszania ludności, biorąc pod uwagę, że takie postępowanie niesie ze sobą niebezpieczeństwo dokonywania aktów terrorystycznych.

Famous for his body slams, Rampage Jackson made a name for himself crushing opponents in the Pride Fighting Championships in Japan before taking the UFC world by storm.

However, Zinedine Zidane, hands down, is the scariest footballer and/or soccer player in recent history.

Zidane said that he "would rather die" than apologize to Italy's Marco Materazzi for headbutting him in the 2006 World Cup Final, but also admitted that he “could never have lived with himself” had he been allowed to remain on the pitch and help France win the match."Following his red card in the final, Zidane retired from professional football,and confirmed that he would not go back on his decision.

He was sentenced by FIFA to a three-game suspension for his red card, but since he had retired from professional football, performed three days of community service instead This defenseman is colder than the ice he skates on.

Standing 6'6" and tipping the scales at 220 lbs, Pronger is a force to reckon with anytime a forward crosses the offensive blue line.

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In addition to his stellar statistics, Singletary was also an expert in intimidation.

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