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The information security company Trustwave has been doing just this for years.It now has a lot to show for it, including discovering how much money a hacking gang makes and how precisely the cybercrime ecosystem works.So a RIG manager sells the exploits both directly and to other resellers for a variety of prices.

And how do hackers carry out their internal dealings with one another so as not to step on each other's toes?Magnitude would ask the victims to pay using bitcoin.How much depended on whichever ransomware was used.Trustwave's VP of Security Research Ziv Mador has put together a presentation he gives to customers so they can get a better handle on how to protect themselves.As he put it, it's just a "glance of what we find." But Mador has given Business Insider an exclusive look at the wheeling and dealing of hackers inside this secretive world — check it out below.

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But a new model is emerging that has gangs selling directly to customers.

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