Gps units self updating

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There’s plenty of shots of my wrist throughout this review, but the couple below are of her wrist.

A few close ups: So with the smaller size they’ve removed one of my major complaints about the original Timex Run Trainer.

Note that if you already have any ANT heart rate strap it’ll work just fine with the Timex Run Trainer 2.0 (that’s sorta the beauty of standardized protocols).

Of course, the final box will likely also come with some small papery junk.

It’s now roughly the same as the other units out there.

Size isn’t really a consideration in selecting between most of these units (FR10 excluded, which is much smaller in every dimension, but also far more limited in functionality).

It has similar visual styling as it’s older brother, but this one decided to go on a diet.

In this case, I’ve backfilled in the box shots with the unit I own (green), versus the test unit from Timex that went back (orange/black). Just in case you’re trying to figure out where the random green box came from…The box holding the watch pulls out, revealing inside it the manual and the charger hanging out. In my case, the final unit I received in the box was not charged, so it had to be charged up. After this photo I’ll switch back to the the orange version. Battery juice that is (very different than beetle juice). The strap is nearly identical to that of the original TRT. It’s USB powered and the box does not come with a wall adapter.

By the time you’ll have read this, you’ll have no need for the official manual – which you can also download here.

Perhaps the most noticeable aspect of the new Run Trainer is simply the size.

And the watches to the left are running-only watches.

You can see it’s not as slim as something like the FR110 or Polar RC3, but it’s about the same as the FR405/FR410 series, and only a touch bit thicker than the FR610.

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🙂Last but not least, for those ladies with small wrists – I brought in my wife.