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Gemini woman dating cancer man

This is generally a difficult relationship because of the elemental mismatch.

The qualities are moderately favorable, and the planets are OK, especially if you travel together.

With effort, this relationship might get another point, but it's not easy work.

Your moods change often as well, but they usually don't do so in a recognizable pattern that's in synch with his.

Unfortunately, you don't have a lot of patience, and he is not usually willing to adapt to your varied and changeable lifestyle.

Your ever-present need for freedom is at loggerheads with his possessiveness.

You have the ability to get him out of his beloved comfort zone, and once he does declare himself, he'll become a gallant, affectionate and almost poetic partner.

Cancer Men are quite sincere, and when they feel like they're being properly and fully loved, there's almost nothing they won't do for their partners.

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