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"Many Finns admire the American culture and associate the French with a number of positive images stemming from films and literature," she points out.Säävälä, in turn, estimates that the phenomenon may spread among friends similarly to any other social phenomenon.In her experience, foreign men are easier to talk to, better-mannered and considerate by nature."They don't simply stare from a corner without saying a word but come up to talk to you," she highlights.

Finnish is spoken by about five million people, most of whom reside in Finland.

Finnish is a member of the Finnic group of the Uralic family of languages.

The Finnic group also includes Estonian and a few minority languages spoken around the Baltic Sea.

"I would rather want a man for a long-term relationship than for a fling.

In the end, what is crucial is his character, not his country of origin – although foreign men are often so much better-looking," concedes Saara.

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Studies indicate that the risk of divorce is higher for multi-cultural couples.

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