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#noboyfriend #stillneedimsorry @terryrichardson #work.” Earlier last month, Lindsay, 30, opened up about her volatile relationship with Egor, 22, telling Daily Mail.com, "I realize now you can't stay in a relationship just for love.No woman can be hit and stay with that person if that person isn't prepared to say sorry.” In July, there was trouble in paradise for the two when Lindsay accused Egor of cheating and strangling her., a publication which until then had never known true greatness (or had Pulitzer-worthy content).They were the first to release the "fuck list" of troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan, scrawled on a Scattergories card with friends at the Beverly Hills Hotel in January 2013.The song and accompanying video specifically mention Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson, with the lyrics: Does he really want us to answer that?As someone who has always utilized pop culture and celebrity bashing to get attention, it’s not a surprise that he’s using celesbians in his song about women who aren’t interested in him.A source close to Lohan, however, told So, no, Lohan has not found new love in Je-Yong Ha despite appearances. They probably have plenty to talk about, these two.And we’ll just have to keep rooting for Lohan to find love (if that’s what she wants).

His novelty act might have been interesting a few years back, but I’m not buying into his cheap attempts at offending his peers anymore — lesbians or otherwise.

Lindsay Lohan outed herself when it came to revealing her dating app secret.

If was when the Mean Girls actress found her brother on the app, and posted it on Instagram with the caption: “Look who I just found on @tinderapp…bro,” that people realised the star was part of the dating app scene.

In an interview with , on the eve of her 30th birthday, Lohan says she has no regrets. I can’t turn back time." To celebrate Lindsay's 30 years that have graced us with great films, gossip, and this perfect list, we took a look at where the men of Lindsay Lohan's fuck list are today.

They should be so grateful that she ever hooked up with them at all.

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