Email rejection letter dating

Posted by / 08-May-2017 00:23

Clearly my efforts are oriented always toward mutually-beneficial understanding(s).

Here were people who hadn’t even given me an opportunity to present to them and answer their questions, pointing to seemingly every reason under the sun my idea wouldn’t work.

In the year after the initial onslaught of rejections, I pumped close to 0k of personal savings and income into my business.

(No, I’m no trust fund baby--that was everything I had).

Oh yes, you left it on the nightstand today, and come to think of it, you wrist feels so free and graceful, perhaps even sensual against the cuff of your shirt’s random meanderings.

This, my friend, is how your life will feel every day we work together, except better. I don’t know where to start, although not raising the possibility that you might pick your interviewer’s pocket is one place.

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They made me work smarter and take more informed chances.