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Getting to Dublin city centre by car is not recommended on Sunday, but then it’s not a great idea on any morning any more.

Many runners talk of “hitting a wall” during a race. You might want to bring cash with you for the food court, and the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists will host a cool-down area, massage tent, and quick assessment centre. And if you need some inspiration, either for this weekend, or just to get out the front door next week, Mary Jennings has some advice about how you can build slowly and sensibly to reach goals that may seem impossible right now. If you are on the Red Line, you can get off at Abbey Street and transfer to the Red Line around the corner at Malborough Street (or you could us the 20-minute walk to Fitzwilliam Street Upper as part of your warm-up for the race). Pearse Street station is best if you are using the Dart.

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At the finish you’ll get a goodie bag, which will also contain your medal.