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Julie and Monica go shopping together and lie to Rachel, who is really mean about Julie at every opportunity.Joey gets competitive at work as an aftershave cowboy, and everyone tastes Carol’s breast milk.Oh hello, who wants some of my phallic-shaped man cake?The guy in the apartment below dies and leaves everything to Rachel and Monica, Phoebe tells Ross she doesn’t believe in evolution, and she’s super annoying about it. Joey tells Reader’s Digest that he writes a lot of his own lines on the show, the writers get mad and make him fall down an elevator shaft. Richard: In the future if I could see the schedule in advance…Show stealer Chandler: I am not great with the advice, can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?Ross and Chandler are bullied in the coffee house, Phoebe tries to go to meet her dad again, but still can’t do it, and this story line is starting to get really dull. Joey sets Phoebe up with a stranger, Mike, on a double date but gets found out.

If he would have taken this advice to avoid oral sex, he wouldn't be at death's door." class="shutterset_never-perform-cunnilingus"A new study has linked throat cancer in males to certain strains of HPV present in a large percentage of woman.is a show on TNT set in Boston with two of the department's hardest working women cracking the city's most gruesome murders.These two friends are as different from one another as can be.Show stealer Gunther: Chandler and Monica make up through the power of gambling and almost get married.Ross and Rachel make up through the power of alcohol and do get married.

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Monica gets into buying and selling shares but loses all her money and is forced to take a demeaning job in a sixties diner wearing a huge padded bra. Mike woos Phoebe with a fake piano and they agree to go on a real date.