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Datinghotwife com

Of course you've fantasized 100 times about a hot wife flashing her breasts in public or a naughty milf dressed in a tight blouse and bending over in short skirt without underwear.

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It’s kind of like a surprise party for your mouth, face, hair, tits, wherever it may land. Before I could even contemplate my reaction he whispered into my ear from behind me.

I’ve been lucky to have some super great cum surprises in the past. I think it might’ve been his European accent that sealed the deal.

There’s only one thing that can top the joy of cum for me and it’s not maple bacon topped cream filled donuts. What I’m talking about is a spontaneous cum-moment. It doesn’t happen everyday but when it does happen it is glorious!

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I was totally digging the vibe of that gorgeous place on top of a Hollywood mountain, looking down at the unlucky folks inside their offices while the hill top breeze was gently teasing the hem of my skirt. Off we went to a little wine bar where my spontaneous date wasted no time in getting his hand under the table and between my legs and only seconds more to find my pussy and finger it.

I began to notice a very good looking gent who seemed to be looking at the same pieces of art as myself. We were both in a hurry at that point to finish what he started and downed the wine quickly.

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or quantity agreed in the event that the escort would shift in his own car.

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