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One of them caught my eye in particular, as it was in my native language (with Google Translate or such). I suspect that they harvest e-mail addresses (and apparently even nationalities) by scanning through online forums and social networking sites.

But clever as the spamming operation may be, I could not quite figure out what the objective was. So there may have been some kind of scam involved instead.

So it looks like the mails are sent through hacked computers or fake accounts.

Like a lot of spam, perhaps with a botnet of zombie PCs.

I figured that other people probably would have gotten the same email, if it was indeed some kind of spam/mass mailing thing…

And indeed, when I googled for the email address, I found the exact same mail with the exact same picture posted on a blog somewhere.

Anyway, I happened to follow the documentary series by Jelle Brandt Corstius: “From Moscow to Murmansk”. So the women go to an agency looking for foreign men, in the hope of better opportunities. In that case, who would then be responding to emails?

And one episode also covered Russian dating agencies. Would they do that themselves, or would an employee of the agency handle them?

and I wondered what it was exactly that she wanted. That the scam was to get you to send them money, but they never had any intention of really coming over.The time zone of the email message was also consistent with Kazan. So I replied again, because it still wasn’t obvious what she wanted from me… It seems that she took the first two pictures herself, with the camera in her stretched-out arm. It’s not like they’re trying to lure you into something with a sort of ‘striptease’ in pictures (if you want to impair a man’s judgement and get money out of him, that’s the easiest way). Question is, does the person in these pictures even know that they’re being used for this?For all I know, they could have been harvested from Facebook or similar social sites.It was a difficult decision for me - to meet with Eugenia in Russia. I would like to share my experiences on this site with those who are just beginning dating.First, I realized that to find a good man - it's real.

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Have you ever received spam from Russian women looking for a man?

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