Dating transgenders in prison

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“Years ago we said, ‘If you were born a male, you’re placed in a male institution.Figure out how to live.’ We moved away from that model quite a while ago.” (A federal judge in Wisconsin in 2011 ordered the state’s prison system to provide treatment to transgender inmates deemed necessary by medical experts. Jones at the Cook County Sheriff’s Office says inmates can meet with medical experts in transgender care.Diamond had found a few minutes to call before a head count was taken, she said over the speakerphone.She sat in the jail cell, surrounded by some male prisoners who were awaiting court, or who had just returned.Corrections officials have quickly closed ranks, and a source close to the prison system, who asked not to be identified, asserted that Saldana tallied at least two infractions for fighting with other inmates, although the story does not indicate whether "fighting" includes physical force or injuries.The accused officer was transferred to another prison after Saldana's recent complaint.

Following a 2009 inmate lawsuit, the Federal Bureau of Prisons implemented a policy that allows transgender inmates in its system to receive treatment regardless of whether they were diagnosed before or after incarceration. (As a result, some advocates have suggested that the answer to keeping transwomen safe is creating policies for them to be more easily housed in women’s facilities, as has been done in a number of cities and states, including Denver, Washington, DC, and elsewhere.During that period, she flew to New York twice to tape episodes on transgender people for talk shows.Many face rejection by their families, harassment at school and discrimination in the workplace.there was a point I couldn’t even move.”“He made me give him oral sex and he turned me around and that’s when he attacked me sexually – he raped me and this went on for a few weeks.”Gonzales also told Solitary Watch that she never received medical attention.“When I tried to complain to the captain he told me that I was lying.

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When asked, however, most of the transwomen in touch with Solitary Watch named a different solution–creating specific pods, floors or even entire facilities dedicated to housing LGBT prisoners.