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A facing pose of Forrest in uniform most typically seen on cards by Anthony.

Forrest fought in his last battle at the Battle of Selma in April 1865 and surrendered what was left of his army to General James Wilson after a bloody battle.

A very popular cavalry figure of the western campaigns...............................

Edward Virginius Valentine (November 12, 1838 - October 19, 1930) was an American sculptor born in Richmond, Virginia.

, Carte de Visite, Vanorsdell of Wilmington, NC, scarce bearded pose of Mc Culloch in his usual non military coat.

Benjamin Mc Culloch (November 11, 1811 - March 7, 1862) was a soldier in the Texas Revolution, a Texas Ranger, a major general in the Texas militia and thereafter a major in the United States Army (United States Volunteers) during the Mexican-American War, a U. marshal, and a brigadier general in the army of the Confederate States.

Mc Culloch always disliked army uniforms and was wearing a black velvet civilian suit and Wellington boots at the time of his death.

Credit for the fatal shot was claimed by sharpshooter Peter Pelican of the 36th Illinois Infantry....................................., Carte de Visite by Anthony, non-bearded pose of Mc Culloch in his usual non military coat facing left.

No professional references to this type was able to be located, but this type has many collector source references. He saw action at the Seven Days Battle, Second Battle of Bull Run (Second Manassas), and Battle of Antientam (Sharpsburg) later in 1862.During the Gettysburg Campaign, Baker was wounded at the Battle of Brandy Station. Wade Hampton's brigade when that officer was severely wounded by a saber slash.Monroe Park, Richmond, Virginia, 1891 - General Hugh Mercer Monument, Washington Avenue Historic District, 1906 - Robert E. Stuart was mortally wounded during this engagement, with his final order being: "Order Wickham to dismount his brigade and attack." In September 1864, after the Confederate defeat at the Battle of Fisher's Hill, Wickham blocked at Milford an attempt by Maj. Philip Sheridan to encircle and destroy the Confederate forces of Maj. Wickham resigned his commission on October 5, 1864, and took his seat in the Second Confederate Congress, to which he had been elected while in the field. Army, Lee resigned soon after secession, to join the South Carolina Militia, and delivered the historic demand to the Union to evacuate Fort Sumter, effectively starting the war.Lee, National Statuary Hall Collection from the state of Virginia marble, United States Capitol, Washington D. Recognizing that the days of the Confederacy were over, he participated in the Hampton Roads Conference in an attempt to bring an early end to the war................................, Carte de Visite, from life photograph in uniform, no imprint. After serving in the Seven Days Battles, Second Battle of Manassas and Battle of Sharpsburg, he became John C.

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