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Be Honest Many guys feel that girls are only attracted to guys who are extroverts, and hence try to imbibe their characteristics just to attract the girls. On the other hand, my advice will be, tell the girl that you are shy and an introvert.

She will understand your feelings better and will try to make you comfortable.

Instead, indulge in positive thinking that will help in getting rid of your shyness, as well as boost up your self-confidence.

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However, this does not mean that shy guys have to change their whole personality and become an extrovert. One just needs to be confident and follow certain tactics to impress the girl.If your story is something similar, this article can give you some tips on how to get over your shyness and enter the dating world with confidence.David spotted a really pretty girl in his college and wanted to ask her out.Take Your Friend If you are too shy to even talk to the girl, you can ask your best friend to come along with you.Having a friend nearby will make you feel confident and you may start talking freely.

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In such places, you will be able to find topics which will help in starting conversations.