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Dating places in peshawar

The Peshawar museum known for its Gandhara Art and Buddhist Dynasty is four kilometers and famous Qissa khawani Bazar is five kilometers from the hotel.

The hotel is two kilometers from the cantonment area and five kilometers from the Airport.

The rest of the menu is packed with many inviting dishes, from the special selection of fish-based bites to the ‘Mughlai Delights’, and don’t overlook their delicious curries.

Pakistani cooking is a complex and elaborate range of dishes, spices and flavors with mixed influences from the Middle East, the Far East and neighbouring India.

There is also a selection of Italy’s irresistible pizzas and pasta.

However, what is most striking about Shelton’s Layalina is its delightful ambience; the venue is full of wooden floors and beautiful pieces of decor that create an elegant yet intimate atmosphere.

Among the many tempting courses on offer, be sure to try the barbecued chicken, the national dish of Pakistan.

Besides the excellent and ever so diverse food, Celesté stands out in Peshawar as one of the restaurants in town most suited for a family dinner, due to its comfortable, welcoming atmosphere.

Hotel Grand Peshawar Offers the traditional hospitality of the Peshawar Valley and is committed to facilitate the high standard of its services.

Hotel Grand, Peshawar Provides comfort and modern facilities to the customer with traditional hospitality.

Kaghan/Shogran - Pine Park Hotel - Large hotel with good garden but the rooms were in very very bad shape (not much cleaning in rooms) - Restaurant customer service was very bad (Took more than 50 minutes to get Tea, and also dinner came late by 1 hour) 3.

Neelum Valley - State continental guest house Kutton - Very basic facility but amazing customer services - Timely delivery of food, clean room and hot water for the full day - Definitely recommend a stay here 4.

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Ask to be seated in one of the 12 dining rooms, or try the charming outdoor area for a relaxing night out in Peshawar.