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Dating on bigfoot

Bigfoot sightings in the midstate are dwarfed by the dozens of reports that have come out of the state’s north-central wilds, Altman said.

“There are some interesting old stories, particularly in Central Pennsylvania, of gorilla-like creatures,” he said.

“The only time in recent years that there was a bigfoot sighting happened, coincidentally, the same week a bigfoot researcher was in the Harrisburg area.” Investigators for the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society have recorded “some unusual footprints that we can’t really say are bigfoot,” Altman said.

Loren Coleman, one of the world’s most published cryptozoologists (researchers in the study of hidden species), said he thinks there is something real behind some of the bigfoot reports.

Still, Arment said the presence of bigfoot would be a “long shot” in Pennsylvania.

Scott Weidensaul, a Friedensburg nature writer who has written about the search for lost species, doubts that bigfoot is here.

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"It could easily be an unknown primate, even if it is not a yeti." People in the Garo Hills believe that the yeti exists, and there have been repeated reported sightings of the creatures and their footprints, including by such famous mountaineers as Lord Hunt, who led the Everest expedition.