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Dating milk glass

Early glass is easily recognized by an almost transparent swirl quality on the edges of the item.Held to the light, the swirls of the glass color can be easily seen even in tinted objects.These books are usually written by collectors, and vary greatly in scope and quality.It is best to read and study several books before you begin purchasing large ticket items.Fenton Art Glass Company produced the easiest identifiable glass in the 1930s and reintroduced the lines during tough economic times in the 1950s."Hobnail" design has raised patterned dots over the surface.When the term "milk glass" is used today, for many collectors it means molded milk glass. Glass manufacturers marked some with identification but many are not, so dating and identifying pieces is sometimes difficult.

Consider collecting pitchers and searching for matching lids separately, since many lids were broken in use over the years. Smith Glass Company, Boston and Sandwich Glass Company, Duncan Glass, Fostoria Glass Company, Hazel Atlas, and Federal.

Milk glass items can be used in the kitchen as decoration, and even vintage items such as salt and pepper shakers and mixing bowls can be used for actual cooking.

It is important to use care in washing vintage items.

The best time to start a collection is when the market is at a low point, and the best place to look is the geographic area surrounding manufacturing plants.

The first thing to consider is the area of concentration for your milk glass collection.

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Fenton reproductions are clearly marked with an initial or a number representing the year and pattern.