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Niko realized this to be what Bulgarin thought, and had no choice but to avert the Russian Mafia.He spent seven months upon the merchant navy ship, The Platypus, contemplating joining his cousin, Roman, in his lavish and luxurious American life.

Niko Bellic is a former Yugoslavian immigrant (though never specified, in The Cousins Bellic, Roman remarks that Niko's English is better than his [Roman's] Serbian, implying that the cousins are, in fact, from Serbia.) trying to make his way through his difficult life.

The game was built on RAGE, an engine that Rockstar developed, first used in Rockstar's Table Tennis, circa 2006.

There was a special edition of GTA IV, containing a duffel bag, soundtrack sampler, art book, and a copy of the game, all packaged in a locked metal case made to look like a safety-deposit box.

If you're a 100% completist, you already know about most of these.

If you're a regular player, on the other hand, you need to go back.

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