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There were exceptional cases: for example, most of the grants to Bishop Odo were in Kent.

Over time, the territorial allocation became ever more disjointed as holdings were transferred between families either by sale, inheritance or marriage portion.

Oineach Mhuiris Uí Rócháin is a Family Scholarship named in honour of one of the principal co-founders and long time director of Scoil Samhraidh Willie Clancy.

Details about the 2018 scholarship and other scholarships can be seen here.

The complexity of this task implies the rapid implementation of a sophisticated bureaucracy.

The resulting network of local feudal lordships not only enabled the king to assert rapid control over every part of the country but also created a network of local power bases for these influential immigrants.

The more powerful grantees of land held the title earl [comes].

It is not known whether the piecemeal attribution of land was a conscious policy on the part of the monarch to reduce the risk of local power-bases emerging which could challenge his central royal authority.

Whether or not the intention, it was certainly the result as the English earls were never able to concentrate their power in centralised counties in the same way as, for example, their French or German counterparts.

There they will be informed of the venues for grading and assignment to classes and stewards will be on hand to bring them to these designated venues in and around Miltown Malbay.

People attending the harmonica workshops should go to the portacabin at the airfield in Spanish Point. The singing workshops and Dúchas an Cheoil programme will be located at the Church of Ireland and Church of Ireland Community Centre in Spanish Point. The banjo classes will be located in Mullagh and students and tutors are advised to assemble at the Sports Centre, (which will be signposted), for grading and assignment to classes.

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