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Find the person who passed you the puck and tell him or her, "Great pass." We have immediate group hugs in hockey following a short, instinctive reaction from the goal scorer. There is no such thing as running up the score in hockey. It's very difficult to score goals and unexplainably exhilarating when one does. Passion and love and drive cannot be taught or bought. I am proud of my boy for a lot of things, but I am most proud at how excited he gets when a teammate scores a goal. Now, if we get to 14-1, we may want to take our foot off the gas a tad. Unless their femur is broken in 16 places, Mites or Squirts should not lie on the ice after a fall on the ice or against the boards. I do believe a certain measure of toughness and grit can be slowly encouraged and eventually taught. Keep it fun, keep it in perspective and enjoy the madness. I would like to publicly thank the now defunct movie company and HBO for my astronomy acumen and the indelible image of Bo Derek jogging on the beach with wet, braided hair.("Before the Internet, there was HBO." Now there is a slogan to believe in.) Today, kids, teenagers, adults and don't so much stare up to the trees, clouds, airplanes, stars and 6-foot-9 NHL linesman Mike Cvik as much as they used to; now, most stare down at their cell phones and personal digital assistants (Jim Balsillie's PDA Black Berry, yo).We are excited to announce that the East Coast Wizards Girl's program has been named the top girl's program in the country!It is a fitting tribute to our coaches, players, and families.

Since my late teenage years, whether I am in Mingo Junction, Ohio, or Vancouver, British Columbia, I always look up and locate Orion. I first became aware of Orion from the now bankrupt movie production company Orion Pictures Corporation, which made movies from 1978-1998.

People even look down at their PDAs while they drive.

Who needs a moon roof on a clear summer night when I can play Tetris on I-95 while I soar through the E-ZPASS lane?

My understanding of the sky's map is limited to the Big Dipper (good nickname for Buffalo's , by the way) and the constellation Orion.

Orion is located on the celestial equator and can been seen across the world, much like Pat Quinn's head.

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