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Dating an enfp

Sometimes it's "dancing about architecture" as someone said about people who write about music. I know I don't-- and my needs are VERY few-- I don't crave attention at ALL (possibly less than OP) and I don't need "one-on-one" time and I don't need compliments or specific gestures.But you're thinking about it from the negative place of misunderstanding-- maybe it's something that has lead to conflict in the past. As in, I prefer the company of people who get me and have a rhythm with me. What I DO need is for my people to be cool, handle themselves with humor and grace and not embarrass me, preferably without a lesson.It's a break from the usual, and what makes our best relationships UN-usual. You seem to have an overarching preference for the rational use of clear language.I understand but sometimes I prefer something else.Shit and since when were INTJ's the chatty ones?

While they are popular, they tend to not care about popularity when selecting their mates.

It may seem irrational that he tries to "brush under the rug" (as you said) - but I'm sure he is trying to correct these issues in his way nevertheless.

Conflict is never enjoyable for an ENFP (emotionally I never want to feel combative with my partner), and such I try to be select and effective about the times where I must face problems.

His brushing under the rug could be him processing internally before he feels ready to address whatever is going on.

Especially if he is wary of your (self-acknowledged) over analytical / blunt way of processing things.

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Infps seem to be much worse than Enfps though when it comes to telling you about their day, my SO just keeps on talking and I sometimes fail to catch up because I'm still pondering over what they just said and they move on to another thing. I know some might say it's only fair to just spell out my needs, but I expect my friends and partners to get this organically.

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